I love items which tell a story. Items with personality, interesting textures and colours as I see them in connection with the space. I don’t follow trends as I simply believe that trends are subjective, and what I really like is a quirky eclecticism.

Having spent several years in London I was lucky to see the work of great designers, participate in their projects and also proceed with my own ventures.
Since then, I've learned a heck of a lot about this industry and have loved every second of it. I got a taste of the world and of the beauty of pieces which I thought were out of my reach.
And then, while travelling, I discovered local markets, strange shops hidden in back alleys, auctions...a new word of exciting objects.

My collections of vintage home accessories 
and retro collectables (modern on a very rare occasion) are easy to ship and easy to handle. I offer ceramics, glass items, peculiardecorative items and textiles.

I am thrilled to share all these things with you. Stay tuned.

Agata Barcinska, owner of The Room Clinic




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